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released May 15, 2012

Recorded, mixed, and mastered by Joel Otte.
Recorded at Studiotte in Grand Rapids, MI Fall 2011
Album Art by Mark Ridenour



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Homelife Lansing

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Track Name: Shapeless
Raised in complacency of these uncertain beliefs | Blissfully ensphered | With blind eyes and deaf ears | I’ve been wading in unknown water searching for a hand to guide me | Mulling over my constants and inconsistencies | Yet I still can’t form a shape for these great transparencies | So I’ve been picking through all the fools who claim themselves divine | Their malignant disposition is so easily defined | Avoiding falsehoods that have been placed on this plane | Unsteady like the waves that come crashing down on me
Track Name: Unsteady Hands
Good posture has become unable to maintain | I’m beginning to buckle at the base of my frame | With my projections and perspectives aligned | I know I’m not the only one with shoulders slouched watching my feet barely leave the ground | As I refrain from dropping to my knees I begin to notice the true weight of this burden and what it really means | So I can’t let myself gracefully float like a feather in apathy | Just like the ones that I’ve seen letting their values dissolve in the sand as it slips through their hands | Sifting so swiftly through the gaps that they struggle to clasp | I watched as they brush off the remnants and wash it away | While others scrape at the earth until their fingers wear thin searching for worth within their actions | hoping to hold that piece of the world again
Track Name: No Direction
I must be taking the long way home because I still haven’t found a place for it yet | Everywhere that I’ve tried feels so distant to me and the ones that I love are drifting so far away | Just out of grasp to where I can’t relate | The knot we once tied must have slipped loose from the cleat | I’m constantly searching for ways to leave my home town | These familiar faces can’t seem to keep me under anchor | As I’m packing my bags my patience wears thin but when I get out on the road homesickness sets in | Wide awake I’ll drive until dawn so I can step foot on my own front lawn | I crawl into my bed with a sigh of relief | Laying awake as the morning birds sing to me | A melody so pleasant nothing could be wrong | as I stare at the ceiling missing home in my own room
Track Name: Nepenthe
Remember those years ago when you made a promise to him? | You vowed your life in his hands and his in yours | Now you’re finding satisfaction in dishonesty | I don’t understand how you can sleep at night as your husband lays beside you in the dark of your deception | I was riding in your car with your parents in the back seat | I opened up your phone to find out what you asked me | Something caught my eye and left me in disbelief | The ring that you wear just lost its meaning | Discontent with your love | You laid your heart in another man’s arms | Is it my place to say or are we better off this way?
Track Name: Paradigm Shift
In this endless hallway every word you say resonates | The echo’s swelling louder and never fading away | No matter how hard I try I can’t clear this from my mind | It’s continuously piercing like a cold winter’s wind | Creating barriers as I try to stay warm | Protecting myself with layers to hide my true form | I remain trapped inside of your confines | Reading hollow thoughts from your shallow mind | Still the dirt from your shoes remains imprinted on my back | Left there as a reminder of the heart you once lacked | But it proves I’m not clean and refreshes the hatred that I’m trying to relieve
Track Name: Viewfinder
I climbed to the mountain tops to try to see it all | To grasp with my own eyes all the world’s flaws | Only to find that these heights seclude me from everyone I love | Reaching down without the strength to lift them up | So I sunk to the depths I knew would swallow me | Hoping to find a home more comforting | But it’s so cold in the shadows they’ve casted down on us | Their silhouette has disguised their lies to those have been longing for light | I’ve seen the barriers they’ve built to mute the other side and maintain the world’s divide
Track Name: To Elude
We deceive ourselves with false imagery to provide a glimpse of solidarity | Disillusioned from reality we ignore what’s truly happening | As we become more familiar with our erosion we strain to remember our initial intentions | These faulty portraits will tear and fade | Weathered and worn we’ve undefined from our own eyes | Still we never meant to be like this| We’ve formed our shape with dissonance | Features our own mother’s eyes wouldn’t be able to recognize | With such mistrust in myself how can I hold faith in anything else?
Track Name: Forms
For centuries we’ve dealt with these misconceptions | We’ve spent our lives trying to erase the state of mind | Of these demeaning endeavors being promoted to seem so widely accepted | Still nothing can be said to justify the countless numbers of men | Who don’t stand for these transgressions | Because we’ve skewed our own images | And it will take more than words to get it back where it belongs | Reforming our reflection | Refused misrepresentation | Let the actions of honest men define us apart from the ones with guilty hearts
Track Name: Coping
You’ve been through trials that have challenged the strongest men | While I watched the weak get by with minor abrasions | Yet nothing seemed to faze you | As you continued to set your sails against the wind | Through a fog that the sun wasn’t burning away | You’re still relying on folded hands to lead you to a place | Where your feet could embrace the ground | Proving your vows to be more important than yourself | At a time when solace was no where to be found | As you’re constantly sacrificing to stay afloat | And your calloused hands are still blistering
Track Name: Lasting Impressions
There’s no light reflecting from where I’m heading but its absence has control of my attention | Comforting arms like a current so strong reaching to pull me under | The faces that surround me are so fragile and insincere | Is this what I’ve become? | I’ve been feeding into folly my innocence removed | Chained to a mountain no man could ever move | And yet here I stand relieving my mind as I gaze into this desolate skyline | There beside me is a child with such wide eyes | Holding high a crown to place upon my head | Enticed by the sight created for him