Demo 2009

by Homelife

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released October 26, 2009



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Track Name: Good Grief
Falling short is what I'm used to filling shoes is what I can't do. Am I just nostalgic or is this really true? It seems like I have a single rain cloud that's always pouring on my head and when I'm standing on a curb as the cars pass me by I can't keep from getting drenched. When will this pass through? Constantly wishing that things would go my way but its hard to make do with what I have been dealt. Spare me this one time I need some confidence. I'm not sure how much more I can bare. I've been struggling to hold my head up for way to long. Losing hope in the things I used to live my life for. Getting back to how things used to be seems so far away to when I would wake up instead of sleeping away the day.
Track Name: Please Don't
I can't believe that it's come to this and I can't believe that you sounded so sincere But now I'm on my knees trying to see where we went wrong. has it been like this all along? I wish that you would have brought this to my attention so I could have had a chance to mend it. The Bridge is burnt on your end but mine still stands strong yet you won't hear a thing that I have to say. You say you can't get along with me but I thought this was suppose to be family. You can lock your door with your thoughts inside as you sit alone in your room each night with no way out your thoughts collide letting the pressure build to unsafe heights.
Track Name: Recliner
Growing up you always told me that honesty was key but everyday you lie to yourself when you say that you're happy. I know deep down what you hide away. confiding in pills to make it through each day but I just can't stand by and watch you deteriorate. For so many years I've had to sit and stare at a sight that burns my eyes like there's smoke in the air but now that I'm older the smoke has cleared and I can finally see the truth I feared you're not withholding the title I once saw you as. I never thought that the story would end like this. The grudge you hold against your father won't be won by becoming a replica of his own perception. What will you gain from all of this? Your running in circles spending every waking moment in the past draining out every ounce of pity trying to make it last. Sulking away as you sit in your chair watching reruns to pass the time.
Track Name: No Direction
I must be taking the long way home. I haven't found my place for it yet. Everywhere I've tried feels so distant to me The ones that I love are drifting so far away. Just out of grasp to where I can't relate. The knot we once tied must have slipped loose from the cleat. Constantly searching for ways to leave my "home town" familiar faces can't seem to keep me under anchor. As I'm Packing my bags my patience runs thin but when i get out on the road homesickness sets in. Wide awake i'll drive until dawn so i can set foot on my own front lawn. i crawl into my bed with a sigh of relief laying awake as the morning birds sing to me. a melody so pleasant nothing could be wrong as i stare at the ceiling missing home in my own room.